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The future of skin rejuvenation technology is now a reality in Plano, TX with the introduction of the PlasmaIQ. Dr. Vu Ho was the first doctor in the U.S. to begin procedures with this FDA-cleared plasma energy device specifically designed in Europe for the treatment of loose skin and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, mouth, and neck.

As today’s demand for minimally invasive procedures increases, the PlasmaIQ offers solutions for areas on the face and body that have been historically difficult to treat without invasive procedures associated with long recovery times.

This alternative aesthetic procedure harnesses the power of plasma energy to reduce wrinkles, resulting in a tighter, smoother long-lasting result. The PlasmaIQ delivers focused, controlled plasma energy to safely and effectively create micro-injuries on the skin. This stimulates a healing process, including the activation of fibroblasts to produce collagen in abundance, thereby, tightening and rejuvenating the surface. Consult with Dr. Ho to decide if this treatment might be right for you.

The PlasmaIQ has many benefits:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces bags and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Reduces smile lines and loose skin around the neck
  • Tightens tissue
  • Improves the appearance of broken capillaries and spider veins
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Evens skin tone

Who is a Candidate for PlasmaIQ?

The PlasmaIQ is a noninvasive skin rejuvenation procedure that’s suitable for almost anyone looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or loose skin. Ideal candidates are healthy adults with mild to moderate signs of aging but are uninterested in invasive cosmetic surgery. Our team members at Beyond Beautiful will perform a full evaluation to determine whether this treatment is a good fit for your cosmetic goals. Inform us of any health conditions or medications you take, as this may affect your candidacy.

Results are amazing

Results may vary, but most patients experience immediate results with visible tightening. Improvements continue for the next several weeks as the body builds collagen and smooths out wrinkles. The downtime from the PlasmaIQ procedure is minimal, usually lasting a few days.

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How will my skin look right after a PlasmaIQ treatment?

Immediately after a PlasmaIQ treatment, your skin may appear red, swollen, and slightly inflamed in the treated areas. This is a normal and expected reaction, and it usually subsides within a few days. You may also notice tiny scabs or crusting at the treatment sites, which are part of the natural healing process. It's imperative that you follow post-treatment care instructions closely, including gentle cleansing and moisturizing, to support the healing process. Over the following weeks, as your skin heals, you should notice gradual improvements in texture, tone, and tightness.

How many PlasmaIQ treatments will I need?

The number of PlasmaIQ treatments required varies depending on the patient's individual skin concerns, goals, lifestyle, and other factors. Many patients achieve noticeable results after just one session, while others may benefit from a series of treatments spaced several weeks apart for optimal results. During a consultation with one of our skilled providers, they will assess your skin, discuss your objectives, and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Factors such as the severity of skin laxity or the specific areas being treated will influence the recommended number of sessions.

Should I get PlasmaIQ or a facelift?

The choice between PlasmaIQ and a facelift depends on your unique preferences, goals, and individual circumstances. PlasmaIQ is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive treatment that can provide significant skin tightening and rejuvenation. It is an excellent option for patients specifically looking for a nonsurgical solution to address mild to moderate skin laxity and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A facelift, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that provides more dramatic and longer-lasting results, making it suitable in general for those with more advanced signs of aging.

Take years off in one hour

Treatments are done in the office using only cooling and local anesthetic medicine. The treatment feels like multiple pinpricks or a slight sunburn. There is minimal post-treatment pain with microscopic scabbing as the controlled tissue injury evolves into tighter skin. Treatment sessions last between 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the extent of the areas being treated. The cost is substantially less than invasive procedures. Prices start at $500.00.

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