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The “double chin” is a universally dreaded sign of genetics, weight gain, and aging. Until recently, liposuction, among other invasive procedures, was considered the go-to treatment for men and women wishing to achieve a more contoured and defined chin. However, the injectable medication, Kybella, can be used in lieu of these invasive measures to reduce the fat beneath the chin to help a patient achieve a slimmer neck and profile. Plano, TX facial plastic surgeon Dr. Vu Ho inject Kybella in the fat under the chin to reduce the fat cells to prevent the fat from accumulating in the future. Its main ingredient, deoxycholic acid, is naturally found in the body and is safely used to break down the fat cells. In order to achieve the best results, more than one treatment is needed.

Ideal Candidates

The best candidates for Kybella:

  • Have moderate to severe fat beneath the chin, which gives the appearance of a double chin
  • Desire a nonsurgical approach for fat reduction
  • Desire long-term results
  • Desire natural-looking results

What to Expect

A number of small injections will be made in the fat under the chin during this outpatient procedure. If pain or discomfort will be an issue, a local numbing agent can be administered prior to a Kybella treatment. The treatment typically lasts around 15 – 20 minutes. Since 2 – 6 treatments are usually needed, they will be spaced out about a month apart. 

Anticipated Results

After Kybella, there is no downtime, but patients might experience mild pain, swelling, bruising, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the injection site. These side effects could last 2 – 3 days or slightly longer. Some patients may notice a reduction of fat after just a single treatment, but most patients will notice improvements after 2 or 3 treatments. 

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Kybella FAQ

How much does KYBELLA cost?
KYBELLA treatment costs will vary based on how many appointments you need. During your consultation, a personalized plan will be made to fit your goals and budget. A team member can also review payments we accept during your first appointment.

How does KYBELLA work?
Deoxycholic acid, the active ingredient in KYBELLA, works to break down fat cells in the body. Once the fat cells are eliminated, these cells cannot regenerate. Therefore, more injections should not be necessary once you have reached your desired outcome.

Can KYBELLA be used to treat other areas of the body?
Currently, KYBELLA can only be used to treat the area below the chin. KYBELLA has been proven to minimize the appearance of a double chin effectively. KYBELLA hasn't been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for any other areas of the face or body.

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Get a slimmer, sleeker profile

Diet and exercise aren’t always enough to combat a double chin, and sometimes, liposuction surgery isn’t a viable option. However, Kybella can rid you of that double chin with no surgery and no downtime. To find out if you’re a candidate for this remarkable treatment, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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