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Alternative Therapy Can Help Diminish Acne Scars

Dr. Vu Ho | 03/13/2024

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed about acne scars? Learn about cell extract therapy and uncover the science behind this innovative procedure.


Smooth Away Smile Lines with Bellafill® Injections

Dr. Vu Ho | 02/16/2024

Smooth away smile lines with Bellafill® injections. Rediscover a youthful appearance with this long-lasting dermal filler. Book a consultation today.


How PRP Therapy Can Improve Skin Elasticity

Dr. Vu Ho | 01/05/2024

Experience enhanced skin elasticity with PRP therapy, a natural, effective approach to skin tightening performed by Dr. Vu Ho in Plano, TX.


What If I Don't Have Enough Fat for a Fat Transfer?

Dr. Vu Ho | 12/15/2023

Learn more about how fat transfer surgery in Plano, TX can be possible even if you think you don't have enough excess body fat.


How Can I Maintain Results After NeoGraft® Hair Transplant Treatment?

Dr. Vu Ho | 11/09/2023

Discover post-hair transplant care tips with Dr. Vu Ho to maintain your hair's health and fullness and keep your new locks looking great.


How Can Athletes Benefit from Alternative Therapy?

Dr. Vu Ho | 10/13/2023

To enhance athlete recovery, Dr. Vu Ho offers alternative therapies like PRP and stem cell treatments at Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX.


Can Bellafill® Help Correct Uneven Facial Contours?

Dr. Vu Ho | 09/18/2023

Discover the secret to smoother, more balanced facial contours with Bellafill®. Get immediate results and long-lasting beauty at Beyond Beautiful.


Can PRP Therapy Help Prevent Further Hair Loss?

Dr. Vu Ho | 08/25/2023

Restore your confidence with advanced hair restoration near Plano, McKinney, or Frisco, TX, and combat hair loss effectively.


Three Signs You Need a Fat Transfer Treatment

Dr. Vu Ho | 07/10/2023

Learn how fat transfers can enhance facial features, increase breast size, or enhance buttocks by transferring excess fat from one area to another.


How Should I Prepare My Scalp for an Upcoming Hair Transplant Treatment?

Dr. Vu Ho | 06/23/2023

Wondering how to get ready for a NeoGraft® hair transplant? Learn the ways to prepare your scalp for hair transplant surgery at our Plano, TX clinic.


How is Alternative Therapy Used as an Anti-aging Treatment?

Dr. Vu Ho | 05/16/2023

Explore the regenerative properties of alternative therapies for an array of anti-aging benefits.


Can Bellafill® Treatment Improve the Appearance of Acne Scars?

Dr. Vu Ho | 04/11/2023

If you suffer from acne scars and you’d like a smoother appearance, you may want to learn about Bellafill® cosmetic injectables.


What Will My Facial Skin Feel Like After PRP Treatment?

Dr. Vu Ho | 03/21/2023

Find out what to expect in the days and weeks following our state-of-the-art PRP treatment as your skin prepares for rejuvenation.


How Long Can Swelling Last After a Fat Transfer?

Dr. Vu Ho | 02/10/2023

Suneva® PureGraft is a safe, effective way to restore volume in the face and body. Read about fat transfer recovery and how it works at our clinic.


When Can I Wash My Hair After NeoGraft® Hair Transplant?

Dr. Vu Ho | 01/12/2023

Learn about aftercare and when you can wash your hair after a NeoGraft hair transplant surgery to help restore your hair.


Experiencing Tendon Pain? Alternative Therapy May be for You

Dr. Vu Ho | 12/15/2022

Learn how alternative therapy using can help ease your tendon pain by stimulating your body's natural healing process.


Three common Areas of Volume Loss on the Body

Dr. Vu Ho | 11/25/2022

Learn how fat transfer can help restore fullness in three primary areas of the body that suffer from volume loss.


How Can PRP Treatment Help Diminish Wrinkles?

Dr. Vu Ho | 10/17/2022

Diminish fine lines and wrinkles without the hassle of invasive surgery using customized PRP treatments.


How Can the Pro-Nox™ System Ease Pain During a Fat Transfer?

Dr. Vu Ho | 09/21/2022

If you're interested in a fat transfer procedure but concerned about pain management or the risks of anesthesia, the Pro-Nox system can help.


Put an End to Pattern Hair Loss With NeoGraft® Hair Transplant Treatment

Dr. Vu Ho | 12/10/2021

NeoGraft can end pattern hair loss and give you the more youthful, confidence-inspiring look you desire and deserve.


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