Consider Alternative Therapy for Painful Joints

Dr. Vu Ho | 01/07/2021

Joint pains can be relieved through alternative therapy procedures that use the body’s natural cells and growth factors.


How Soon Will I See Results After Bellafill® Treatment?

Dr. Vu Ho | 12/10/2020

A closer look at what you can expect after Bellafill injections, including when your results will be visible and how long they’ll last.


Gain More Than Just Your Hair Back With the NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

Dr. Vu Ho | 11/12/2020

Compared to other hair transplant options, NeoGraft boasts minimal downtime, doesn’t require sutures, and doesn’t leave any scars.


6 FAQs About PRP for Hair Loss

Dr. Vu Ho | 10/09/2020

Whether you are dealing with bald spots or thinning hair, PRP injections for hair loss have proven to promote new growth without surgery.


Fat Transfer to Lips vs Lip Fillers. Which is Best for You?

Dr. Vu Ho | 09/10/2020

Are you interested in lip augmentation? Learn how options like fat transfer surgery and dermal fillers can improve your overall lip shape and volume.


How Many Plasma IQ™ Treatments Are Needed For Uneven Skin Tone?

Dr. Vu Ho | 08/25/2020

Have you heard of the latest craze in nonsurgical skin tightening? You may be surprised to learn that Plasma IQ can also help with dark spots, too!


Want A More Defined Jawline? Bellafill® Can Help

Dr. Vu Ho | 08/18/2020

Dreaming of a more masculine, chiseled jawline or a more feminine, attractive chin? Discover the benefits of Bellafill injections for the lower face.


What Skin Problems Are Improved With Alternative Therapy?

Dr. Vu Ho | 08/11/2020

Harness the regenerative properties contained deep within cells to boost the results of your cosmetic treatment and get the glowing skin you want.


How Long Do High-Def PRP Injections Last In The Face?

Dr. Vu Ho | 08/04/2020

Looking for a cutting-edge, highly effective, and more natural facial rejuvenation treatment? Suneva® Medical HD PRP injections may be right for you!


What If I Do Not Have Enough Fat For Facial Fat Grafting?

Dr. Vu Ho | 07/22/2020

Hoping to use fat transfer to the face as an alternative to cosmetic injectables? Learn more about who may qualify for facial fat grafting here.


Can Plasma IQ™ Reduce Under Eye Bags?

Dr. Vu Ho | 07/15/2020

Believe it or not, you may be able to get the benefits of blepharoplasty eyelid surgery without ever going under the knife!


Will Bellafill® Correct My Under Eye Hollows?

Dr. Vu Ho | 07/08/2020

Are you looking for an effective under eye hollows treatment? Learn more about Bellafill, a dermal filler that boosts volume for facial rejuvenation.


Can Alternative Therapy Be Used For Hair Growth?

Dr. Vu Ho | 07/01/2020

Regenerative cell therapy is used to promote the body's natural regrowth process so men and women suffering hair loss can regain healthy, thick locks.


What Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Combined With Facial Fat Grafting?

Dr. Vu Ho | 06/24/2020

Elevate your look even further by pairing fat grafting with other exciting facial rejuvenation treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical.


Can Facial Skin Be Too Wrinkly For PRP Injections?

Dr. Vu Ho | 06/17/2020

PRP therapy stimulates the production of collagen and reduces wrinkles by injecting nutrient-rich growth factors into the complexion for smooth skin.


How Does PlasmaIQ™ Improve the Appearance of Spider Veins?

Dr. Vu Ho | 06/10/2020

Discover the groundbreaking new PlasmaIQ skin rejuvenation system, and find out how it can help with spider veins, wrinkles, loose skin, and more!


Can Bellafill® Lift Sagging Cheeks?

Dr. Vu Ho | 06/03/2020

Looking for fast, long-lasting results to reverse the signs of aging and restore plump, youthful cheeks? Bellafill may be the perfect solution!


Will Bruising Be Visible After A Fat Transfer To The Face?

Dr. Vu Ho | 05/26/2020

Be prepared for recovery after your facial fat transfer by knowing what to expect, including how long bruising, swelling, and other symptoms may last.


Are There Any Side Effects for High Volumes of PRP Injections?

Dr. Vu Ho | 05/19/2020

PRP therapy addresses lines, wrinkles, and loose skin by using a patient's own blood to rejuvenate the skin for a younger look with few side effects.


Will Alternative Therapy Relieve My Knee Pain?

Dr. Vu Ho | 05/12/2020

Learn how alternative therapy can be a knee pain treatment in Plano, TX.


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