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BellaPlasma Lift in Plano, TX

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BellaPlasma Lift is an anti-aging facial treatment utilizing the most advanced alternative therapy products to create a naturally beautiful transformation. It’s a minimally invasive facelift without having surgery.

The BellaPlasma Lift is safely and comfortably performed in the office in about an hour. By design, this advanced procedure minimizes downtime and side effects, therefore, one’s lifestyle remains undisrupted.

This proprietary combination procedure by Dr. Vu Ho consists of a bio-stimulatory product (Bellafill), working synergistically with (High Def) PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to gradually rebuild collagen that has been lost to aging while immediately lifting loose, sagging tissues with Silhouette InstaLift Threads. Dr. Ho performs this specific procedure in the Plano, TX office of Beyond Beautiful.

Why BellaPlasma Lift?

Traditional fillers can abruptly cause an "overfilled" or puffy look, which can appear unnatural and cause distortion of delicate facial features. The BellaPlasma Lift and Filler is unique in that the full results gradually appear over months, and the volumizing effect is more subtle and complementary to your facial features, resulting in more naturally pleasing and beautiful contours.


Dr. Ho will develop a customized treatment protocol for each individual patient to address their unique facial and skin issues. The procedure provides robust changes by harnessing one’s own natural healing and rejuvenating powers to create one-of-a-kind results.

This powerful combination results in tissue tightening, glowing skin, smoothing of wrinkles, softening of lines, and a more rested and youthful appearance for the face.

What to Expect

Patients can expect some immediate results due to the placement of Silhouette InstaLift Threads, which instantly lift tissue to a more youthful position. However, the primary improvement from the BellaPlasma Lift is progressive and will be noticed over 3 – 6 months, yielding a gradual, natural change.

Results can last up to five years, and treatment can be repeated for maintenance and further refinement of this transformative process.

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BellaPlasma Lift FAQs

Does a BellaPlasma Lift hurt?
The level of discomfort experienced during a BellaPlasma Lift can vary from person to person, but most individuals report only mild to moderate discomfort during the procedure. Topical anesthetics are typically applied to numb the treatment area before the procedure begins to minimize any pain or discomfort. Some individuals may feel a sensation similar to a mild sunburn or tingling during and after the treatment, but this discomfort is generally tolerable. Any discomfort or side effects usually subside within a few days, and patients can resume their normal activities thereafter.

Is my skin too loose for a BellaPlasma Lift?
BellaPlasma Lift is designed to address a wide range of skin concerns, including loose or sagging skin. However, the suitability of the treatment depends on individual factors and the extent of skin laxity. During a consultation with Dr. Ho, Dr. Caruth, and our experienced team, we will assess your skin and discuss your specific goals to determine if BellaPlasma Lift is the right option for you. In some cases, a combination of treatments may be recommended to achieve the desired results.

Will I look fake after a BellaPlasma Lift?
A BellaPlasma Lift is known for providing natural-looking results. The treatment is designed to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin gradually, resulting in a refreshed appearance without an overdone or "fake" look. The outcome of the procedure depends on factors such as the patient's goals, the extent of their skin laxity, and others. It is important to communicate your desired results and concerns with us during your initial consultation to ensure that your expectations align with the achievable outcomes of the BellaPlasma Lift. Our skilled practitioners aim for subtle and natural-looking results that enhance your appearance while complementing your natural features.

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