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What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Though some of our Plano, TX patients are looking to achieve fuller, plumper cheeks, many individuals are desiring to reduce cheek fat with buccal fat removal. When you are desiring a more contoured appearance to your face, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Vu Ho with Beyond Beautiful can provide buccal fat removal with the use of advanced techniques. Also referred to as cheek fat reduction, this procedure precisely targets the cheek area to decrease fat and tissue for a more sculpted, slimmer look. Throughout this treatment, Dr. Ho carefully and delicately removes buccal fat pad tissue that is found within the cheek hollows. The area is then repositioned and redefined so that your cheekbones have a naturally rejuvenated look. Learn more about buccal fat removal with Dr. Ho by contacting Beyond Beautiful to schedule your initial consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal performed at Beyond Beautiful can help you achieve a slimmer look and improve your overall facial structure. Benefits of cheek fat reduction performed at our Plano, TX office include:

  • Slimming and contouring the face
  • Eliminating unwanted cheek volume
  • Reducing the appearance of large jowls
  • Sculpting the facial profile
  • Improving facial harmony and balance
  • Striking but subtle outcomes with a natural look
  • No outward-facing scarring or incisions
  • Recovery is short

Can i have buccal fat removed?

Ideal candidates for buccal fat removal are those who may not be happy with the volume of their mid-face area. They may desire to reduce the appearance of rounder, less defined appearance that their cheeks bring to their face and wish to decrease buccal fat for a slimmer, more defined look. During a thorough consultation at our Plano, TX facility, Dr. Ho will be able to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this popular procedure.

How does buccal fat removal work?

Based on the amount of tissue and fat that resides under and around the cheekbones, Dr. Ho will curate a personalized treatment approach for buccal fat removal. For the actual surgery, anesthesia is provided and a small incision is created within the inside of the mouth. Next, the buccal fat pad will be removed and the incisions will be carefully closed with sutures. In some instances, the cheekbones might need to be slightly repositioned, and this can be completed with sutures for a natural, enhanced outcome. 

What can I expect After Buccal Fat Removal?

After buccal fat removal surgery, patients may notice some slight bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort during the healing process. The total amount of time for the recovery period is usually quite quick. Immediately after this treatment, even with some swelling, the initial results can be seen immediately. As soon as the swelling has gone down and the cheeks adjust to their new position, the final outcome can become noticeable, leaving patients with slimmer and well-defined cheeks.

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Buccal fat removal FAQs

Does buccal fat removal hurt?

Patients are provided with a form of anesthesia — so buccal fat removal is as comfortable as possible. Our patients should not feel anything during the actual surgery. While recovery may cause a little discomfort, Beyond Beautiful also provides instructions — so patients know what to expect throughout the process.

When will I see results from buccal fat removal?

Outcomes from buccal fat removal will be noticeable once the initial swelling has gone down. While the healing process varies from patient to patient, results are often seen after a few weeks. A board-certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Ho can give you a more accurate timeline during your consultation.

Should I expect scarring from buccal fat removal?

Not at all! The incisions for buccal fat removal are located inside the mouth, so you should not expect any scarring. This means you can get the procedure done and not worry about how your face will look with scars. If you have other questions about what to expect during surgery or recovery, call a member of our cosmetic surgery team for more information.

Look More Sculpted

If you are desiring to reduce the appearance of chubby cheeks, buccal fat removal could be a great treatment option for you. Dr. Vu Ho at Beyond Beautiful offers this popular, innovative treatment option for his Plano, TX patients. Contact our state-of-the-art facility to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation for buccal fat removal. 

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