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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Plano, TX

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What is Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

Breast enhancement surgery is a procedure that adds volume to breasts to result in a fuller look. It is often considered to be one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries, offering women who are unhappy with their breast shape many options for improvement. Breast augmentation can be performed with either implants or autologous fat grafting. Breast augmentation helps to improve breast shape, size, and symmetry.   Plano, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Caruth is trained in executing this surgery.  When you have your consultation at Beyond Beautiful, he will listen to your aesthetic desires and concerns and educate you on all of the choices available while also creating a treatment plan to exceed your personal goals.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Fat?

If you would like to enhance your bust, autologous fat grafting to the breasts performed at Beyond Beautiful is an outstanding option. Benefits of this procedure include:

  • It is a natural option, with the tissues coming from your own body
  • Eliminating the risks and complications associated with breast implants
  • A more shapely figure
  • Long-lasting results
  • Reversing volume loss in the breasts
  • Removes possibly unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise
  • You can return to normal activities after about a week

Am I a Candidate for Autologous FAT Breast Augmentation?

The decision regarding whether or not to have breast enlargement surgery is personal. If you are thinking about having this surgery, it is important you do it for yourself. You should be healthy and at a normal weight with breasts that are fully developed and be the appropriate age to have implants. If you are unhappy with the size of your chest because they look flat, you may benefit from this cosmetic breast treatment. In addition, if your breasts have changed due to aging, nursing, or weight loss, this surgical procedure can bring them back to life with increased volume.  You may also need a breast lift. It is a welcomed answer if you work out with weights or have an overall lack of natural breast mass.

How is Autologous fat grafting to the breast performed?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Caruth, we will decide on the target area(s) for fat removal.  The procedure will be performed in a certified facility under general anesthesia.  Tumescent fluid for liposuction will be infiltrated into the subcutaneous tissues of the fat donor site through a small incision.  Then we will utilize a cannula to remove the unwanted fat, which will then be purified and transferred to the breasts. In this way, fat from the thighs, stomach, or buttocks can be used to improve your chest. Depending on the size and number of targeted areas, the procedure can typically last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours.

What Results Can I Expect?

Breast augmentation is performed as an outpatient surgery with the patient under general anesthesia. Each patient will be taken into recovery and monitored before being released. You will be sent home wearing an Ace wrap or surgical bra. Several days after surgery, the swelling and bruising will start to decrease, and the breasts will begin to feel normal as they fall into their new position. Most patients can return to normal activities within several days; however, physical exertion, such as exercise, should be delayed for about 6 – 8 weeks.  In most cases, this procedure can be a life-changer for many patients, allowing them the opportunity to feel more confident.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer FAQ

How much does a breast augmentation with fat transfer cost?

Your cost for a breast augmentation with fat transfer will vary based on a number of factors. Fat transfers to the breasts require a higher volume of fat, thus surgical liposuction is used, which means a longer process is performed to purify the fat and inject it accordingly. The amount of volume needed to reach your goals will be explained during your initial consultation with Dr. Caruth, along with pricing estimates and payment options for you to consider.

How long will the results of a breast augmentation with fat transfer last?

A fat transfer offers beautiful, effective results that can be long-lasting with proper care. Dr. Caruth employs the latest techniques to graft fat, which limits reabsorption. However, there is usually still a certain amount of the transferred fat that doesn't attach to the new location, so Dr. Caruth often transfers slightly more fat. If you would like to enhance or touch up your results after a few years, another fat transfer may be discussed.

Does a breast augmentation with fat transfer look natural?

Yes, it does. Because your body's own fat is used to enhance your breasts, the results will both look and feel more natural.

What if I don't have enough fat for a transfer?

In your first appointment with Dr. Caruth, he will discuss the amount of fat that is required to achieve your goals. You might not have enough fat to transfer; however, this is usually only a problem if you have a very low body fat percentage or you want a large volume of fat added. Fat can be removed from several areas, if needed, or combined with donor fat. Dr. Caruth will discuss your options in your appointment.

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Aesthetic breast surgery with fat transfer is popular for so many reasons. This procedure is considered safe and produces exciting results.  Beyond Beautiful is proud to offer this proven procedure, and we welcome you to learn more. Contact our cosmetic surgery facility in Plano, TX to plan your first office visit with Dr. Jeffrey Caruth.

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