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Instead of long-term cheek implants, patients can choose to use a temporary injectable filler, like Voluma, for additional volume to flattened or deflated cheeks. Provided in the Beyond Beautiful office by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Vu Ho, patients can receive the injectable filler for a youthful contour to the cheeks and for an enhanced look. Voluma is a great choice for patients lacking volume in their cheeks due to age, genetics, or trauma/accident. The skin is hydrated by the hyaluronic acid found in Voluma, which adds volume for the desired plump cheeks that a patient is looking to achieve.

Best Candidates

Ideal candidates for Voluma will have:

  • Sunken facial features
  • Good skin elasticity
  • Aging skin
  • Overall good health

Procedure Technique

Before Voluma injections, numbing cream may be applied to the injection sites to minimize your discomfort, but most patients feel very little pain during their treatment. Our team will carefully inject Voluma into the needed areas of the face in as little as ten minutes. You may return to your normal activities as soon as you feel able with minimal swelling, discoloration, and tenderness. You will see some results right away, but it usually takes about seven days before the filler settles into the cheeks for your final results. The effects of Voluma can last up to two years, and patients should talk to their doctor about when to reschedule for continued effects.

During/After Treatment

The injection site will be properly cleaned and prepped before Voluma is injected. We will use a thin needle to inject the appropriate amount of filler into the apples of the cheeks until the desired fullness is achieved. The doctor may massage the area to make sure the product is evenly distributed.

After Voluma, a patient may experience swelling, tenderness, firmness, or the appearance of lumps/bumps in the treatment site. Patients can expect the side effects to last 2 – 4 weeks. For the first 24 hours after treatment, the patient should refrain from strenuous exercise, as well as avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Some patients may choose to receive a touch-up treatment about one month after the initial treatment to obtain desired goals. Results should last for two years and after then, additional treatments may be needed.

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Voluma FAQ

How much does Voluma cost?
Costs for a Voluma treatment can vary depending on the amount of product that is needed to meet your goals. Since Voluma can last up to two years, you can concentrate on selecting an injector who is skilled and experienced with Voluma, and you should not go anywhere that offers extremely cheap or knock-off fillers. Prior to your first treatment, a staff member will assess your skin and understand your goals before creating your personal treatment plan. After this, they can discuss the amount of Voluma that will be needed for your session and costs.

What is hyaluronic acid?
HA (hyaluronic acid) is a substance found naturally in your skin that binds water to cells. Along with other functions, it can retain moisture and build volume in the skin. Like other Juvéderm fillers, Voluma's main ingredient is a synthetic version of HA. When Voluma's hyaluronic acid-based formula is injected, it restores fullness to your cheeks. The HA also improves your skin's ability to hold moisture so it's softer and healthier.

How long do the results from Voluma last?
Ideally, Voluma results last for as long as two years. Right away, you should be able to see improvements from your treatment, which should continue to get better in the next few weeks. You may want multiple Voluma injections, especially if you want to build up large amounts of volume in your mid-face. In your initial consultation, your injector will create your personal Voluma plan and discuss when to schedule your next appointment to achieve and sustain your goals.

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Voluma’s central ingredient, hyaluronic acid (HA), is a synthetic version of the HA found naturally in the human body so most patients have no negative side effects. In the body, HA functions as natural acting cell hydration with a cross-linking capability (useful in helping facial areas that lack volume), but every person’s natural supply of HA is depleted over time. The hyaluronic acid gel in Voluma replenishes the body’s supply, but it does break down over time as it is safely and slowly absorbed back into the body. If you would like to learn more, contact our office today for a consultation.

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