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Rejuvenated, refreshed, and renewed skin can be attained without going under the knife, and instead, patients can turn to microneedling. A newer type of nonsurgical skin care procedure, microneedling uses the innovative SkinPen®, the only FDA-approved microneedling device, which is a handheld device consisting of numerous fine needles. By using the SkinPen, Plano, TX Dr. Kristen Ann Aliano Messina and board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Vu Ho create tiny (micro) injuries into the skin. This jump-starts the skin’s natural ability to heal itself by initiating the production of collagen and elastin. These two natural components help improve the overall clarity, tone, and texture of skin by diminishing lines and wrinkles and adding needed volume to the skin.

Best Candidates

During a consultation, a medical professional will help determine if microneedling is right for you in order to achieve your goals. The ideal candidates for microneedling:

  • Have facial lines and wrinkles
  • Have acne scars
  • Desire improved skin elasticity and tone
  • Desire long-lasting results
  • Desire a minimally invasive procedure
  • Are under 50 years old
  • Are not pregnant

What to Expect

The SkinPen is a handheld device that consists of stainless steel microneedles that will be used by the medical professional to create micro-injuries in the skin. The procedure is virtually painless since the needles are so tiny. After using the SkinPen, the patient can receive other procedures that will be enhanced by the microneedling. Commonly, patients receive PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. Blood that has been drawn and treated to separate out platelets, growth factors, and proteins will be placed on the face to rejuvenate the skin. Microneedling can also be followed up with facials, injectables, and more.

After treatment, the patient can expect mild redness for about five days. Other common side effects can include flaking skin, tightness, and a burning sensation. Patients should follow all aftercare instructions carefully. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.

Anticipated Results

Since microneedling increases the production of collagen and elastin, it can take some time before these full effects are visible to the patient. However, patients may begin to notice some form of improvement in their skin rather quickly. Full results are usually noticed 3 – 6 months after treatment, and touch-up treatments are used to maximize results. Typically, patients receive 1 – 2 treatments per year for the best possible results.

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Want to Know More?

While it may not sound like fun to use tiny needles to create injuries to your skin, the procedure is virtually painless and achieves great results. By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, your skin will continue to improve over time for smoother, younger-looking, suppler skin. Want to know more? Simply pick up the phone and call us today to schedule a consultation.

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