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Three Rewarding Uses of PRP on Facial Skin

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Platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy is one of the hottest treatment solutions around. With PRP, you can use a concentration of platelets from your body to restore various tissues. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Vu Ho and the rest of our team at Beyond Beautiful proudly offer a PRP solution for facial skin needs. The process promotes cellular turnover, helping to remove old cells and replace them with newer ones.

We offer the BellaPlasma anti-aging treatment for facial skin. The practice uses PRP and the bio-stimulant Bellafill® to restore your skin and help you look your best. The procedure requires an injection of the components into the proper area in your facial skin to restore its appearance. The procedure doesn’t require surgery, and it is easier for your body to tolerate because the PRP comes from your body’s plasma.

There are many benefits of PRP and how it can work for your facial skin restoration needs. Here are three specific ways how PRP can help your skin.

  1. Boost skin tone

One great part of PRP for facial skin is its ability to restore your skin’s natural tone. PRP promotes new skin cell production. The old cells are replaced with newer ones, helping resolve acne scars and other marks around the skin. It can also reduce hyperpigmentation that triggers dark spots and irregularities.

  1. Tightening of the skin

PRP treatments with Dr. Ho provide a healthier look to your skin without requiring a facelift. The treatment promotes healthy collagen generation, helping to naturally plump up the skin.

The reason why your facial skin might become saggy or weak as you age is due to the skin becoming thin. The problem is usually most noticeable in the cheeks, lips, and other sensitive areas. The added collagen from the PRP treatment will plump the skin and restore its natural contours, preventing sagging spots from appearing around the face.

  1. Reducing wrinkles

The added collagen from the PRP treatment also reduces the appearance of wrinkles throughout the skin. The new cellular turnover promoted by the PRP will help remove the old skin cells that trigger wrinkles and fine lines. The new cells and the collagen the PRP produces will help resolve the issues, plus the plumped-up appearance of your skin will keep the old wrinkles from being much of a threat.

Ask about how a PRP facial can work for you

You will love how well a PRP facial can help you look younger. The process is safe on your skin, plus it doesn’t require invasive treatments that might take a while to manage.

You can contact us at Beyond Beautiful for help with PRP treatments for your face. Dr. Vu Ho and the team at our practice in Plano want to give you a look you deserve. Our practice is near the Dallas North Tollway, making it easy for anyone in North Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, and other local areas to reach us.

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