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what is a Carbon Laser Peel?

At Beyond Beautiful, we are proud to offer the innovative carbon laser peel treatment using the state-of-the-art PicoSure laser technology. For this procedure, a proprietary carbon mixture solution is applied to the skin prior to the administration of the laser handpiece. This carbon solution is effective at reducing pore size, eliminating excess oils and dirt, dead skin cells, and other unwanted particles on the surface of your skin. A carbon laser peel works for patients of various skin types in order to create smoother, clearer, and healthier skin. We invite you to learn more about this optimal treatment option by contacting our Plano, TX facility to meet with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Vu Ho.

am i a candidate for a Carbon Laser Peel?

Patients wanting to improve the overall texture, tone, and appearance of their skin are ideal candidates for a carbon laser peel with PicoSure technology. Over time, this procedure will work to stimulate the production of collagen, allowing for younger-looking skin and long-lasting results. During a thorough consultation at our Plano facility, we can work with you to determine the current condition of your skin and your goals in order to determine if you would benefit from this treatment.

how is a Carbon Laser Peel performed?

For your carbon laser peel treatment, you will lie comfortably in one of our spacious, relaxing minor procedure rooms. Before the laser is applied to your skin being treated, the carbon solution will be administered. This works to absorb all particles from the skin’s surface, including makeup, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. After the carbon mixture has had time to sit on your skin, the PicoSure laser will be gently guided over the area. You should experience no discomfort, and a numbing agent is typically not necessary for this procedure. Following your carbon laser peel, we will make sure that all of the solution is effectively removed and you will be able to return to your normal daily activities.

how long is recovery after a carbon laser peel?

The results of your carbon laser peel are often noticeable immediately after your procedure. However, optimal results may take around 4 – 8 weeks to fully develop. There is no downtime associated with this treatment, and you can continue on with your day.   Additionally, touch-up treatments may be needed in order to preserve your ideal results. During your consultation, we can talk with you about when to schedule additional follow-up appointments according to your personalized treatment plan.

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Carbon Laser Peel FAQ

Does a carbon laser peel hurt?

No, it doesn’t. Most patients don’t experience any discomfort during a carbon laser peel, and a numbing agent typically is not necessary. Some patients may experience mild redness or a tingling sensation afterward, but it usually goes away in a few hours. After your procedure, you’ll be able to return to your normal routine immediately.

Are carbon laser peels safe?

Yes, they are. Carbon laser peels are a gentle, noninvasive procedure generally safe for the majority of patients. Unlike chemical peels and deeper laser skin resurfacing treatments, a carbon laser peel has little to no risk of serious side effects like burns, deep redness, and/or heavy peeling.

How quickly do you see results with a carbon laser peel? 

Most patients will see almost immediate results with a carbon laser peel that continues to improve over 4 – 8 weeks to reach optimal results.

get a brighter, more radiant complexion

If you are wanting to enhance the appearance and feel of your skin, a carbon laser peel treatment may be ideal for you. Dr. Vu Ho and the rest of the skilled team can work with you to create an individualized procedure plan that best fits your goals. Contact our Plano, TX facility to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation.

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