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What Is A Lip Lift?

Dr. Renee Booth, a premier plastic surgeon in Plano, TX, is proficient in advanced aesthetic surgeries of the face, including lip lifts. She offers a selection of thorough facial procedures that benefit the overall look of our patients. Lip lifts reshape and deliver distinct definition to the peaks and curves of the lips to create a fuller, more desirable appearance for the mouth. During your consultation at Beyond Beautiful, Dr. Booth will learn more about you, examine your aesthetic goals, and help you decide whether a lip lift procedure will help you meet your aesthetic goals.

What Are the Benefits of a Lip Lift?

A customized lip lift in Plano, TX at Beyond Beautiful should boost the quality of your smile and face with a number of wonderful benefits. This includes:

  • Balancing facial balance and cohesion
  • Producing larger lips
  • Little to no downtime
  • Developing a younger look
  • Minimizing the viability of smoker's lines (on top lip)
  • Boosting confidence and self-image
  • Improving the symmetry of and look of the smile
  • Lifting the downturns of the mouth
  • Minimal scarring
  • Provides long-lasting results

How is A Lip Lift Performed?

Currently, there are a few options that may be utilized during a lip lift procedure. The two most common are:

Gull-wing lip lift: This approach is frequently employed to enhance the appearance of the vermilion, also known as the lip line, which makes the top of the Cupid's bow. For this surgery, the skin is carefully detached, and the lips are reshaped and lifted to enhance the appeal of the vermilion.

Sub-nasal lip lift: During this surgery, a small section of skin from under the nose will be taken and then raised and sewn into the correct place beneath it. This sub-nasal lip lift surgery makes the lips appear fuller and larger, adding volume to the vermilion and Cupid's bow.

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Kiss Thin Lips Goodbye

Though lip procedures are sensitive in nature, they can produce gorgeous results. Dr. Booth performs lip lift surgeries that offer significant but organic-looking results that improve the overall look of your face. If you have been considering a surgical lip procedure and believe that now is the time, say goodbye to your flat lips and contact Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX to make an appointment with Dr. Booth.

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