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When Can I Wash My Hair After NeoGraft® Hair Transplant?

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If you have recently undergone a NeoGraft® hair transplant, then you might be wondering when you can wash your hair. It does take time to heal following a hair transplant, and the area is fragile. You’ll notice that the scabs start to clear up in about ten days, so you can usually return to washing your hair 14 days after the transplant. However, you’ll want to get your doctor's approval first.

Dr. Vu Ho is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in NeoGraft hair transplants at Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX. He offers services for patients near North Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, and other cities in the area. Dr. Ho will meet with you to discuss your goals and determine if a NeoGraft hair transplant is the right choice for you.

What to expect from a NeoGraft hair transplant

The NeoGraft hair transplantation system is ideal for men or women who suffer from thinning hair or pattern baldness. Patients can not only regain the hair they lost but also enjoy renewed self-esteem.

At Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX, Dr. Ho offers follicular unit extraction (FUE) with the NeoGraft hair transplantation system. The process removes individual hairs from each follicle while maintaining the hair's natural groupings. The hairs are then placed in the balding area of the scalp. The follicular unit harvesting and implantation system have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The NeoGraft system is less invasive than other methods, such as the strip method. When undergoing the NeoGraft hair transplant, you won’t need sutures or stitches, and won't suffer severe scarring, so you’ll have the ability to wear your hair in any style you want.

Who is a candidate for NeoGraft hair transplant?

To undergo a NeoGraft hair transplant, you’ll need to have healthy hair growing on the back and sides of the head. If you have an ample amount of hair in the donor section, then you’ll gain the best results.

A NeoGraft hair transplant is conducted using a local anesthetic. During the procedure, Dr. Ho will extract hair follicles from the area of the skull designated as the donor site. The follicles are then placed in the balding areas. Following the transplant, you’ll feel almost no discomfort or only a tiny amount of soreness.

The time the procedure takes does vary depending on how much hair you will need to have harvested and transplanted. A typical session will last between 4 – 6 hours. You’ll be able to return to normal activities following the hair transplant procedure.

Care after a hair transplant

Following the NeoGraft procedure, you’ll need to follow the aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Ho to ensure success. You’ll need to avoid putting pressure on the treatment area and abstain from washing your hair until instructed. If you do experience any problems, contact Dr. Ho promptly.

Schedule a NeoGraft hair transplant at Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX

If you would like to learn more about a NeoGraft hair transplant, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vu Ho at Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX to discuss the procedure. Dr. Ho will listen to your goals and examine your hair loss to determine if a NeoGraft hair transplant is the right choice. Contact us today to learn more.

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