Consider Alternative Therapy for Painful Joints

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People with painful joints often consider medications when trying to restore these critical parts of their bodies. But sometimes, these medications will only mask the issues. Some people may also resort to surgical procedures when dealing with these pains.

Alternative therapy can be a more suitable approach to painful joints you can trust. Dr. Vu Ho at Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX can help you find a generally pain-free life with our alternative therapy solutions.

What is alternative therapy?

Alternative therapy entails the use of natural regenerative cells and growth factors. It uses a mesenchymal extract, which contains cells that activate the body’s natural healing process. These cells provide insulation and protection from outside threats, are resilient, and respond well to many immune system factors. The collection process is also safe and simple.

How does alternative therapy work?

Dr. Ho at Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX will inject these regenerative cells and growth factors into your body where they can target the specific joints that need help the most. The injection may be paired with a joint aspiration process that helps remove excess fluid from swollen joints, although whether that is necessary will vary by person.

The growth factors will restore the cartilage in the joints. It encourages the growth of soft tissues, supporting the body’s natural healing capability.

The process is considered painless, plus you may not feel much of anything during the procedure. The effect you’ll feel the most is a lack of pain in the joint area. The number of treatments necessary will vary by situation, but you’ll likely find it a more effective solution than if you tried something else.

Why alternative therapy may be more effective for treating pain

Most patients find alternative therapy for joint pain to be more effective than using medications or a more intensive surgical procedure. The injection and aspiration process requires minimal invasiveness, plus it may not require any downtime. The effort is also safe to manage, as it is a nonsteroidal option.

Why regenerative cells are safe

The use of cells in the treatment process is vital to alternative therapy. Cellular extracts are more powerful than steroids or medications. While these drugs might block pain signals, they won’t treat the underlying issues that cause the pain to start. But by going toward the cellular aspect of the problem, it becomes easier to receive the treatment you require the most.

A cellular treatment can make a difference when used well. It is safe, and your body will respond well to the process. You will also feel comfortable knowing that the compounds used are natural and don’t contain any potentially harmful components.

Where can I find out more information about alternative therapy in Plano, TX?

Ask us at Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX for help with your alternative therapy needs for joint pain. If you are in the Frisco, Plano, or McKinney area, contact Dr. Vu Ho for more information on how this can work and what makes it beneficial. Many men and women find this solution to be one of the most effective treatment options.

Sarah was thorough, professional and kind. The atmosphere is relaxing and the med spa was spotless.

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I love Dr. Carruth and his staff! I’ve had a couple of procedures and have been very happy with the results! His staff always helps to ease my anxiety and make me feel very comfortable and he thoroughly explains the entire procedure and makes sure I understand. He truly cares about me and makes sure I’m 100% happy.

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Dr. Caruth cares about his patients . Been going for years and he never tries to sell you on anything. Always just wants to meet your needs

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Dr. Caruth and his staff are amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Caruth. He took exceptional care of me with my procedure. Hands down, an outstanding doctor!

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My dark circles are not even noticeable - I have been going to Dr Ho for almost a year now and I am so pleased with my results !! I have done the Ez gel and exosome procedures for my dark circles to opt for a more natural approach before going into fillers and I have seen a drastic improvement ! My dark circles are not even noticeable. I am now in my late twenties and have been seeing a lot of changes in my face, one of which is dark circles. I was extremely insecure about them, all my life I never wore make up and I found I couldn’t leave the house without it. Thanks to Dr Ho I can confidently go out without make up. I am very selective and critical when it comes to procedures and my face. Dr Ho is someone I can trust !!! Thank you Dr Ho !

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