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Beyond Beautiful: Facial Rejuvenation

The human face often shows signs of aging more readily than other parts of the body. The effects of sun, gravity, muscle relaxation, and tone reduction contribute to an aged appearance. A facelift is a widely popular procedure that women and men choose to mitigate the effects of aging and achieve lasting, youthful looking results. At Beyond Beautiful in Plano, TX, double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Vu Ho, uses modern facelift techniques to allow the procedure to be completed in a relatively short time on an outpatient basis. As a result, patients are able to resume normal activities without extended downtime. In this video testimonial, Sandra shares her experience with facial rejuvenation, performed by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Vu Ho and her use of ZO Skin Health products. A facelift by Dr. Ho will consist of: -Sedation and local anesthesia -Strategically placed incisions around the ears for optimal healing -Excess fatty tissue being removed -Deep underlying tissue and remaining loose skin being pulled up and -back in a more youthful position