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Innovative skin care, more radiant skin, and great results can all be achieved with the unique PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, treatment. This nonsurgical skin care treatment is offered at Beyond Beautiful Texas by Plano, TX double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Vu Ho. A patient’s blood is drawn and processed in a way where the platelets, proteins, and growth factors are separated out to be injected into the face. The components work to minimize lines and wrinkles, initiate collagen to produce firmer, suppler skin, and tighten and tone overall facial skin. Since the procedure utilizes the patient’s own blood, there is little chance of side effects, only optimal outcomes.

Ideal Candidates

During a consultation, a medical professional will help determine if PRP is right for you in order to achieve your goals. The ideal candidates for PRP:

  • Have aged skin with lines and wrinkles
  • Want to tighten and tone their skin
  • Want firmer, suppler skin
  • Desire a natural look
  • Want a nonsurgical approach for rejuvenated skin

What to Expect

With the PRP procedure, the medical professional will draw a small amount of blood from the patient. The blood will then be put into a centrifuge where it will be spun around to separate out the platelets, growth factors, and stem cells. These concentrated components become the PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, that will be injected into the face. The in-office procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete. The procedure is usually painless, and no aftercare is needed. Patients should be able to resume normal activities immediately.

What is Suneva® Medical HD PRP?

While PRP can be an effective strategy in combating aging, not all treatments are created equal. In order to be as effective as possible, treatments must have increasingly high volumes and levels of PRP. Not only does Suneva Medical HD PRP meet these standards of quality, but it is also able to streamline the entire procedure, making it the fastest and most productive treatment option available. From start to finish, the entire process is usually completed in about 20 minutes, which allows you to return to your day almost immediately. High-definition PRP can be an excellent choice as a standalone procedure but is also used to complement other treatments.

Anticipated Results

After PRP treatment, a patient might experience some redness, mild swelling, or bruising that usually subsides within 1 – 3 days. Since PRP treatment uses the patient’s own blood, there shouldn’t be any adverse effects. Patients should see visible results of diminished lines and wrinkles, smaller pores, tightened skin, and improved tone and texture within 3 – 4 weeks after treatment. The skin will continue to improve over time. For the best results, most patients need three treatments that are usually spaced out 1 – 2 months apart.

To enhance the results, some patients have the “Vampire Facelift,” which adds microneedling to the procedure. Microneedling allows the PRP to reach further into the skin for maximum results.

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All-Natural Ingredients

Your very own blood can be the key to you achieving better skin. With PRP treatment, your own blood is taken and treated to create the perfect injectable for your skin. You don’t have to worry about your body not responding to the treatment or the other side effects you have to deal with other injectable fillers. To learn about this unique procedure, contact our office for a consultation.

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