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The SilkPeel is an all-in-one treatment with no downtime that addresses your specific skin concerns. SilkPeel’s Dermalinfusion process is the new generation of microdermabrasion and offers combination therapy by delivering a condition-specific solution deep into the skin while simultaneously exfoliating and deep cleansing the pores. Dr. Vu Ho, a Plano, TX double board-certified plastic surgeon, recommends the treatment for patients with hyperpigmentation, acne, dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, and more. The SilkPeel is a great treatment for just about everyone, yielding visible results after just one treatment.

Best Candidates

During a consultation, a medical professional will help determine if the SilkPeel is right for you in order to achieve your goals. The ideal candidates for SilkPeel:

  • Have aged skin with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Have hyperpigmentation
  • Have acne
  • Desire an all-in-one procedure
  • Want a customized skincare treatment

What to Expect

SilkPeel is an in-office procedure. The SilkPeel handpiece uses real diamonds for diamond tip exfoliation to deliver superior results. This type of exfoliation delivers more uniform and precise exfoliation to remove the damaged top layer of skin. With a targeted treatment delivery system, a combination of Pro-Infusion Solutions is delivered deep into the pores to address a number of skin issues. The vacuum system ensures the solutions get infused into the skin. With deep pore cleansing, specific Pro-Infusion Solutions to treat a patient’s skin condition are flushed into the pores, along with removing dirt and debris. The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes.

Anticipated Results

Skin is exfoliated and dead skin cells are removed during each treatment to improve dull skin and speed up cell turnover so you’ll leave our office with radiant skin! SilkPeel is a results-driven treatment where exfoliation, painless extractions, and the delivery of condition-specific solution deep into the skin stay active for up to 72 hours for maximum absorption and benefits with no downtime. Notice up to 70% more volume in your skin after each treatment. We even treat your neck, under your eyes, and your lips. However, patients being treated for acne with our Clarity SilkPeel Treatment will not be able to treat their eyes and lips due to the intensity of the solution used for the treatment.

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All-In-One Skincare

Now, you can get customized skincare to treat your particular condition(s) with one treatment: SilkPeel. This all-in-one treatment is customized and designed to clean, exfoliate, brighten, and more in one simple office procedure. With no downtime and immediately visible results, this is a great solution for patients looking to rejuvenate their skin without invasive procedures. Learn more about this procedure during a one-on-one consultation.

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